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Needless to say, I'm very, very confused at the moment. I'll have to re-read this one to get "who is who and what is what"...this definitely takes a second read. Very creative and well written - now if I can just get the hang of it. Kudos! Good job.
It was worth a second read to see the animals were picking owners to be their "pets." Delightful.
This is so precious--I love the gradual realization that the reader experiences, along with your subtle hints like "trust your instincts." Right in the middle, it's almost as if a camera swings around to give your readers a new viewpoint--quite masterful.
I had to read it a second time as well, and so glad I did. Excellent. I loved that both kitties found homes with family members.
Yea! The angle is well done. POV endearing. Glad they both found "pets."
A clever twist that you inserted here. I assumed it was a human looking for an animal when it was the exact opposite. Very cool. Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed it. :)
I get it-a twist around from the human picking th pet! Wow, creative! I love Charlie, what an adorable fellow and I liked Beth too and Sol. Great job! ^_^
Very imaginative and worth the time it took to figure it out!
Only because I'm coming in late, and knew the author of the piece as I was reading, did I expect early on that Charlie and Sol were the dogs. I knew you'd have a twist in store for me.

One of my goals as a writer is for my readers to trust me. Your readers are beginning to trust you and expect a surprise, and you have delivered once again. I hope you feel really good, and accomplished, about that!