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The Reflections of a dog's adventures written by a Terrier would probably be read with mixed emotions by perhaps a Poodle, Spaniel or Pug, as they might secretly be envious of this Terrier's exciting life next to theirs, which might seems dull and boring in comparison. Nicely done, and by an author that obviously knows Terriers, that's for sure. (*.*) !
This is cute and fun to read. I laughed out loud at this line:
That was quite an experience, but it did teach me a valuable lesson: fences are my friends.
Well done!
Awww ... I fell in love with little Butchie! What a funny name for a girl dog! This was great from the first word to the last... nice job.
Cute voice!
Perfect title for the ramblings of a crazy little dog. Liked the man who spoiled her. Fun read.
I enjoyed your story. Your little terrier was very real.
Great job with the terrier's voice. You did well with creating a good atmosphere and particularly with the setting through a dog's eyes. ^_^
Haha! Very cute! I liked that you wrote from the perspective of Butchie! I want a puppy!