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Beloved Writer,I am SO IMPRESSED to have read this beautiful piece!

I praise the Lord for your "Beginning"...and for your flowing style.. Then to top all:You worked so smoothly around this awesome Psalm....rendering your story to be crowned with dignity and...much...much Christian Flavor.

Thank you dear Friend and may God Bless you as you write..Amen
This is a masterpiece, and I'm certain it will be treasured forever. Much more than a memorial--a poetic keepsake and something for people to cry over and use for healing for years to come. Just beautiful. Masterful. Anointed.
Having been there....this is a beautiful tribute to what you shared in life and the impact she had on those she loved.
Your style enriched your well placed words.

Loved the Psalm sprinkled through and especailly your asides.

Just what this parched soul needed today, thank you.
So tender and honest. Very creative way to give tribute and focus on a Psalm.
Laury, all the emotions and questions, and grief for a loved one are in this entry. Beautiful and honest...just like you. Ruth would love it, I'm sure! May God continue to bless you and comfort you and your family.
Oh my! I can hardly find the words to describe this wonderfully poignant piece. Beautiful in every way.
Exceptional, dear Laury - I love the parenthetical "humanity" and the poetic beauty of this piece. Just lovely.
I was very touched by this beautiful tribute and the format was perfect. Also, wonderful last line.
Absolutely beautiful. Three different moods, beautifully intertwined in a tapestry of love.
Absolutely wonderful my friend. Bravo!
Beautiful! I love you mixed the tribute, the memories, and the Scripture throughout. Isn't that how life is... a mixture of these things?
Thank you for sharing this, Laury.
This is so lovely I'm speechless. What a beautiful piece!
You have touched my heart with your story. You showed us your mother-in-law in a beautiful way and showed us your heart as well. Well done.
I appreciated a lot of things about this piece, but I think what I appreciated the most was your honesty. You admitted things that many people would lie about or just not mention. For example, you mentioned how sometimes your mother-in-law bothered you and how you missed opportunities to say goodbye. I think everyone has had those times with certain loved ones who have passed away. I really admire you for being able to be so open and honest with this, while at the same time making it a beautiful tribute.
Simply wonderful...and the transparency? It is beautiful, the relationship shared is one that is real-so others can relate. Excellent job!
I love the flow of this--from the spiritual to the earthy and back again. (not earthly, but earthy) It shows how multilayered our relationships are. Wonderfully written tribute.
This is such a beautiful piece. You have captured perfectly the holiness and the humanity of such a journey through the valley of the shadow of death. My own mom died of cancer in 2000, and this tale reminded me so much of that time period in our lives. Good work! Blessings, Cheri
Congratulation on your well deserved win. Great job!
Congratulations on highly commended. Sooooo happy your incredible writing was recognized as top notch, cuz it is!!!!
WOOWOO girlie - highly commended AND 16th overall. Awesome!
Congratulations on your Highly Commended. Simply beautiful.
This is a touching piece. I see beauty and even a tinge of regret. Ya done good, Miss Laury!