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The emotion in this entry is well written.

Both characters shine.
Loved this line, "Now Ive prayed for rain every night for three years, and for whatever reason, God aint answerin. If it rained till Christmas, this soil would still be deader than a doornail.

What an engaging and incredibly moving story. I felt like I was watching the scene out of a movie and fighting back the lump in my throat through the whole time. You captured this scene and told a huge story with it. Extremely well done!
Great job with the period piece and characterization, and a nice tribute to the story of Ruth and Naomi.
Thoroughly enjoyable. Echoes of Steinbeck?
Your descriptive writing is excellent. I think I would have been tempted to intersperse your dialogue with a little more description so as to slow the pace down and give the impression that both men are weighing up each others words.
Excellent job with both the setting and the dialect. Lots of mood here, from the very excellent title to the last word.
Excellent period piece with wonderful descriptions and dialog. I was totally engaged. Wonderfully done!
Excellent writing. Yes, it does remind me of The Grapes of Wrath. I love your ending especially. Great work!
I love everything about this piece. Very well written my friend, bravo.
Great opening paragraph and the remainder of the story did not disappoint. Your reader can feel the mood. Excellent!
Good sense of time. I chuckled at the FDR comment (reminded me of someone). The opening, with the visual and auditory details, pulled me right into the story.
Well written glance of times past. Always enjoy your work.
So much was packed in 750 words. I agree that this has a very cinematic feel to it. I could picture everything as though it was on the big screen right in front of my eyes. The dialogue was superb and you did a great job detailing the characters. I have yet to see you write a "bad" piece. :)
I loved everything about this!! The title, the mood, the description, the entire package is such a winner! Kudos!!!
Another great writing piece. My favorite part of this was the ending. You had a lot going on throughout the piece and I was wondering how you would end it at the word limit. I thought you tied it up with a nice bow - now where is the next chapter? *Smile*
The descriptions and the dialogue are so perfect! I was completely involved in the story and now I want to know what's going to happen next! Great job!
Masterful writing here!
What great interaction between these two! They were so real and I could literally taste the dust myself. Great job. ^_^
You did a great job! You made me feel as if I were right there, which actually makes me thankful for the heavy rain we are having here. LOL
Another of what I've come to expect, interesting story, well told, and a picture in nearly every sentence. I think that's what I like best in your writing; the vivid word pictures.
Congratulations, Chely, on placing 12th in your level and 32nd overall. Great job!
A very good read. I agree with everyone's comparison to Steinbeck, but I like your ending much better than anything Steinbeck ever ended with! I like your title, too.