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Wow, very powerful, and I didn't see the ending coming. Great job!
I find historical pieces to be tough for me to write, but you pulled this one off masterfully. This would be a great introduction to students in school learning about slavery and the Underground Railroad.

Your descriptions and word choices are top notch. Thank you for sharing! :)
This is an awesome piece. Great writing!
I love this creative take on the topic, and the excellent sense of atmosphere.
Excellent job with atmosphere and the historical setting. A wonderfully compelling read.
Beautifully written. A glimpse into the home of some courageous people. The feel and atmosphere so well done.

This is so well written and the story is very intriguing. Excellent job on subject.
The emotional content of this is very rich and well-written.

I had a few questions about the historical accuracy, though. It's my understanding that the "stations" of the Underground Railroad were in Northern states, and I have a hard time reconciling an abolitionist family owning slaves, even as a "cover." And apparently it surprised Elizabeth as well, so these people even lived their private lives as committed slave owners. Just a few inconsistencies that you might want to resolve.

You did a beautiful job with the setting, with establishing a sense of time and place. Nice!
I enjoyed reading this story. There was a lot of information and emotion packed into it. Keep up the great writing.
There is so much information here that you must have spent a great deal of time on it. Congratulations on a piece well done indeed!
Wow, this was awesome. I loved this. It kept me interested the entire read from beginning to end.
You have quiet the skill of making the words come alive in pictures in my mind. Thanks. Keep it up.
I enjoyed your discriptions of every detail. I am amazed you could pack all of that in 750 words.
The assortment of "prisoners" you included is subtle and well done.
I especially liker her plea to God.
I didn't see that ending coming! Brilliant! I was drawn in from the first word to the last.
Fabulous! Loved it Shirley...
Nice job! I felt for Elizabeth who was trying to come to terms with having a child, missing/losing her husband then her In-laws seeming so cruel! glad it turned out all right though. ^_^
Congratulation on your win. Great writing!
Congratulations on your highly commended!!!! Soooooo happy for you!
Awesome, Shirley - highly commended AND 18th overall. Kewl!
Congratulations on your Highly Commended. This was very interesting to read. Nice job with the topic.