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This is priceless. I grinned all the way through it.

You laid out the rules quite well and with humor.

I'd like another installment of how Lil Bro fared on his trip.
I loved this! I could so see this mischievous big brother with his unsolicited advice. Great job!
This is so very funny! Your description of the brother with the remote is priceless:) how true is that?! Love this piece!
I enjoyed this rye story which garnered numerous chuckles.
You nailed it! The remote is very sacred at our house as well. Only my husband has power over that thing. Once in a while we put on some pathetic t.v. show and then hide the remote. Mike's response is not a pretty sight. This was fun to read. Good job! Has anyone noticed there's a lot of humorous stories this week? Gotta love it for sure.
Terrific. You deserve to do really well. I especially loved this line: “do not touch, pet, paw or fondle Daddy’s Little Girl” as it captured so perfectly the curious little by-laws of family life.
Ahh the source of all power - the remote.
What a great story and take on the topic. I loved every bit of it. The voice was perfect for the older brother. Super job!
Oh, what a complete DELIGHT, Mari! This must have been a blast to write - it certainly was to read! Fun - and a great voice!
Hilarious! Love the voice and everything else about this witty piece.
Oh, this was a hoot to read. You did a fine job of writing in this piece. Keep up the good work my FW friend.
This was a whole lot of fun to read. I love, Love, LOVE the MC's sense of humor and drama. Several lines jumped out at me as extra clever and witty, but I liked this one a lot: I even broke out in a cold sweat when Daddy Dear went to nap and the remote just sat there, so lonely and forlorn.
This is so witty and funny. I so enjoyed it!
This was a fun read! Enjoyed the way your wrote this entry.
Thanks for the laugh. I needed that today! What a great spin on the topic!
This was very funny, and yet the tips given ring true for a lot of guys first meeting their in-laws (or so I am told).

Thank you for sharing this. It gave me a good laugh and put a smile on my face. I especially liked the part about not touching his wife in front of her parents until after the grandkids. That was very funny.
Hilarious...the stroking the underbelly and fondling the buttons comment was THE BEST LOL I've had all day. Thanks!
Love, love, love the humor! One of my favorites and great title. Excellent job!
Love the humor here! It's well presentened and I think it's a true POV with the guy perspective. Nice job! I also liked the letter format-it made it great-and so did the title! ^_^
Very creative take on the topic, refreshing approach. Great job!
Mari!!!! Congratulations!! SO excited... YEAH!
An EC for you Marita! I'm so happy for you! :)
Congratulation on your win. Great job!!
Wow! I told you it was good:) Now didn't I?
Congratulations on your Editor's Choice! Let's grab a latte and celebrate!
Very fun to read. Well done!
WOO HOOOOO!! Loved your entry, and I'm so glad to see you in the EC list, Marita!! Wonderful wonderful!!
Marita, this was sooo true and hilarious! Congrats on your EC!
Congratulations on your EC. This is very cute. Love the voice.