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I enjoyed especially the sensory images in your poem of a mother's release of a son to his bride.
Wonderful sentiments, beautifully expressed in a poem with an ear to perfect rhyme and meter.

In longer poems like this one, rhymed couplets start to almost feel sing-song-ish. If you're going with quatrains, you might want to experiment with an ABAB rhyme scheme, or (better still) ABCB.

Well done!
This was tender and well done. I only got confused when she talked about her gown and her bouquet, I thought you were the bride for a moment,then I got back on track.

So lucky these two to be blessed by such a mother's heart.
This is a very sweet poem... As one who is going to be that groom in a year, it is a special reminder of the sacrifice my mother is making as she lets her son "leave and cleave"...
Great! I love the images in here and this was my favorite verse :

Enhanced perceptions fill my heart, instilling memories;
The rich notes of the organ, played seemingly with ease,
The quite rustle of my gown, the scent of my bouquet,
The vision of rose garlands, satin bows along the way.

it seems kind of wistful and light at the same time. Good job. ^_^
This is wonderful! What a beautiful picture you paint of a mother's struggle to relinquish her son to someone new. He has been hers for years, now she graciously steps aside to let life continue...So very well done!...And your poetry was great too. Keep it up...Helen
05/27/08 seemed to have captured the moment...and have taken me back to that special day and put me in your place so I could see more than just MY perspective of our wedding day but perhaps yours as well! Thank you...very, very sweet. I'm proud to have gained a mom along with that handsome man who I pictured in your poem that day I walked down the ailse.
p.s. "quiet rustle"
This is beautiful, Debbie! My Jeremy has a pretty serious girlfriend so I may be experiencing these emotions one day soon.

Hope all is well with you. I miss you!
Sandy Hall