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I was cringing with you at your introduction to your in-laws, but I love how you became "family" with those you didn't think you would...through God's help.
This was a wonderful story with an eternal message of love. Well done. Your words showed well your fear and nervousness at meeting the family. The ending was encouraging, reminding me that God's plans for us are best, if we can trust Him with them. The scripture fit very well with the story.
This is a deliciously, delicate story. I think that I would have spoiled it by inserting an actual Italian joke. So very well done. A pleasure to read.
Oh - excellent dialog and descriptions especially. I laughed in more places than I probably should have. A delightful piece.
Wow-the harshness of people.
Your MC held up well.
I wish I could remember to talk to God when things aren't going so well.
Loved this.
Good descriptions and realistic dialogue. A sad commentary on certain aspects of our society. I'm glad she had the strength and love to stick it out. I'm not sure I would have, even for the sake of the Kingdom. Good job.
It is interesting to think about how much divides us, but love unites us in spite of all our differences...
Great story! You had me hooked!
Great job! The title fit in perfect and I'm glad that she's 'sticking with it' it does take something to do that. Great job. ^_^
Ouch. I really struggled with anger surfacing me as I have a real issue with people treating others like this. This was well written.
Well done, and a very convincing message with it! God will often ask us to love those who are unlovable to Himself. Nice job. Blessings, Cheri
I was really crying with her at the beginning and I love how you reminded us of what's really important in the end. Great job!
Wow. You really sucked me in to this story. I was cringing the entire time that she was first meeting the dad. I liked how you ended this. It's true that we are to be lights to those living in darkness.
Congratulations, Angel, on placing 10th in your level and 28th overall. Great job!