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Charming--and a good message. I loved this.
This is so sweet. I love it and the in-law test is so very true:)
So sweet, darling, and charming in every way. I smiled through every line.
Absolutely charming! Story telling at its best. You did an excellent job staying true to the meter and cadence throughout the entire poem. With longer poems that is sometimes difficult to do but you did it quite successfully. Loved every word!
This was a fun read, and a nice job with the verse.
This is precious, precious, precious! Perfect-o!
Your rhyme is so perfect and your message is so good! I enjoyed reading this!
I LOOOOOVE this. It is just precious. This made me giggle:

Now when your wee ones come along,
As baby squirrels will do

If I could reach you, I would hug you for sharing this.
Just superb! I loved the rhyme and flow of the whole thing. A wonderful story in verse.
Oh so cute and happy! I love the messages in this poem, Verna, from the "test" right down to the advice from mom-in-law-to-be-squirrel! Poetry perfection.
Very cute!
Your rythm and rhyme are perfect as is everything else about this poem. Oh, to be an illustrator and sketch it out. It begs to be given that kind of treatment which kids would enjoy for years to come! It's priceless!
You don't just marry a boy, you marry the whole family!
What a great way to show this!
Well done.
This was just adorable. You did a fine job in writing this poem story. Well done my FW friend.
Oh, I loved this. Creative and lots of fun!
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Love the creativity!
Your father squirrel is like my Dad.
This was mighty fine, indeed.
Thanks for the grins!
Nice flow and cute story. I hope they get to have their own little nest. ; )
I loved the flow of this. A very cute piece. It is one of my favorites this week in Masters. :) sweet!
This was an absolutely adorable poem. I loved it! You do have a gift indeed.
This sweet little poem brought a lump to my throat. How very well told, and amusing too. I love poetry, and this one is among the best. You told the story of this little squirrel's test of acceptance into her new family in such a delightful way. It was easy to visualize the scrutiny the poor little bride-to-be was going through. I am so glad she passed the test.... Just LOVED this little poem. Well done!...Helen
Great job as always. Only thing more fun than reading this kind of work is writing it and having it flow out of you... with a fun message and good feeling for the day. Love the imagess you wrote in my heart about squirrels and the play on words about squirrley families... which most can relate to.. loved it.
This one is cute... :-) It is very creative, and yet is real enough that I can relate to it myself, since I am in the process of becoming part of a new family...
This is quaint and true to heart. I love it. Very creative and well done! To tell a story is one thing, but to tell it in rhyme and verse is quite another. Excellent work! Hope to see this one in the winner's circle. Blessings, Cheri
Awww! So sweet and CUTE! I loved Samantha and especially the MIL and her 'truth' that was simply wonderful! ^_^
Very fun and engaging, I really like the story and its characters. I was never sure about the rhythm in the first line each time, the rest fell in so easily, though. Quite a delight, very nice.
Very delightful, rhythmic read!
Charming entry, I love it. Of course all my nutty friends found it slightly disturbing :)
Wonderful job capturing the essential squirrel!
I'm partial to the feelings of the mother giving her son to her future daughter-in-law. Well done.
Congratulations, Verna, on placing 15th in your level and 24th overall. Great job!
Very cute! My kind of poetry - good rhyme and meter. Very imaginative, too. (And thanks for your comments on "Prayer for a Stranger!")