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I enjoyed meeting with you in your poem all the quirky in-laws and liked your last line that hinted you, yourself, just might be a little bit quirky.
I think your first line sums up the in-law situation; from both sides of the coin. I loved the line 'Others will gossip and give you "the eye".' That's what my son-in-law says his wife gives him. Nice smooth flowing poem that has lots of truth in it.

This one is fun. I can relate to both the enjoyable and the uncomfortable moments - they all make fun memories!
Fun, quirky--love your title, and especially your last two lines. This is cute.
Aunt Bertha was a treat.
You nailed many types of family here.

Thanks for the smiles.
Oh, this made me smile. Love that it includes many members of the family. Great last stanza too.
Well, you're right. They're lucky to have "even you." Delightful and fun, like you, Dub!
My favorite line came at the end - if we have in-laws guess what that makes us? :)
Right on DUb, enjoyed this one.
Cute! I like the general idea that "they're not too bad" Made me smile today-good job. ^_^
Delightful, Dub... and insightful.
LOL. This was great. It's one of my favorites in advanced this week. I think I'm going to add it to my favorites list. It flowed nicely and gave me a good laugh. :)
You were able to describe so many personalities and situations in just a few lines - amazing. Truthful and humorous, thanks :)