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ROFL! I like Eggsmerelda the best, she is so funny and I could see her whole personality summed up in the dialouge. I especially like when she is going "not now very busy!" That made me giggle-especially at the ending that fit the title so very well! Excellent job! ^_^
Creative and fun. This may be my favorite of all time.

How clever and entertaining. I hope to see a ribbon awarded to this entry.
I love this! It is so creative, so funny and so much fun to read.
Eggsmeralda cracked me up. Loved her dialogue. Very creative entry. Nice job with the topic.
Your title hooked me and your story kept me there. What a POV! My gynormous belly (to them anyway) is giggling up and down over this one. Very well done. ;)
OH MY! What a hoot. This is my favorite line:

Eggsmeralda, watcha ya doin?

Argh! Tuk, beak iz tuk.

I just love this!!!
Oh, MY, GOSH! This is TOOOOOOO fun! This had to have been a light in your dark week. Absolutely fun, delightful, silly, and WONDERFUL. (oh, and as far as I'm concerned, gynormoous IS a word)

TOOOOO much fun!
Love this one Laury! You are so creative... love the pov of the chicks mixed with the people! The title is especially eye catching.
This is my favorite so far this week, Laury! Adorable!
I agree with all the others, Laury! This is fun, creative, and so well written! My favorite part is the little chicks all warming their little bottoms and singing, "Stay on the sunny side..." Marvelous, Friend! You made my day.
Very cute! I love the characterization of each chick and their interaction with the puzzled student observer. Sooo clever!
Laury Dear, this is just the best--absooutely--so creative with ideas and choice of words. I hope it's first place in EC.
This is just too darling!! I absolutely loooooove it! and I could see the illustrations so clearly. Superb, Sweetie--absolutely wonderful. No matter the outcome, it's WONderful!! Hugs!!!
Is there such a thing as chick dialect?
love the names!this is so cute! MMMMWAAAA
Ha! I hear birds and animals singing and talking all the time--felt like you'd crawled in my head. :-D It took me until the second sentence with it before I figured out what "tuk" was, but once I did everything made total sense. Fun story!
I think you are fluent in Chickese. :) Your names, "Eggman," "Eggsmeralda," Eggbert," and "Eggylou" were way to much fun! Then I had to smile at the "A little girl chick was cracking up inside." and "I feel all scrambled inside." ! ! :) This is my kind of humor. Love it!!
Oh my, having been raised on a poultry farm I can relate to this. I just loved the interaction between the chicks while they were in the shells. What an absolute hoot, I was grinning like a fool all the way through. Super job, absolutely well done Laury!
Haha. So wonderfully funny, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you. :)

I loved the names of all the chicks. I also loved all the corny egg jokes like when he said to "go suck an egg." Hilarious! Eggsmeralda's accent was a riot too.

There is nothing in this story to not like. Even the title is eye catching. Great job big sis!
A gynormously, wonderful, eggsellent story. Love your quirky, fun personality shining through this piece!
Oh, I loved it! The dialogue is perfect and unique writing on top. Great job.
If this doesn't place high, then I'm the proverbial monkey's uncle! Adorable!!
Great job! Loved the "beak iz tuk" part.

In reading it I wonder if the Jason and the teacher were even necessary, though they were used to great effect to set the stage early.

Hilarious! Kudos!
Very creative and funny. I needed a good laugh before calling it a night. Thanks.
What a cute and wonderful story. I loved all the little chicks and Jason too. Great writing.
Oh my, that's got to be one of the funniest, cutest things I've seen on FW. How on earth did you think of this? I loved all of it, the chick's names, the puns, their cackling at each other, and especially this line Vat? Am bizzy now. Vedy bizzy. Iz tuk, beak iz tuk. Well done!
Laury -- Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you!
Congrats on 1st place and 2nd overall. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooGYNORMOUSLY happy for you, and am giggling and gaggling songs of praise on your behalf! Up to Masters for you, where you belong!
WHOOO HOO! WOW! Congratulations! So happy for you! Awesome writing! ^_^
Way to go Laury - you have a wonderful gift. Thank-you for sharing and adding a bit of joy to our world. Loren
This is great. "Beak iz tuk" "Vat?" You mixed many different styles of humor (visual, dialect, puns, situational) to good effect. Congrats on EC.
Congratulations on your EC, Laury. I am so glad to see this story place. This made me laugh at a time when I really needed one. Great job.
I want to see this illustrated in a children's book. This is delightful! I love it.
I think titles are very important, and yours was what drew me in! The story did not disappoint. I really enjoy this kind of writing. Writing it, and reading it as well! Please write more! (perhaps you could expand this too?)
Delightful. I really enjoyed the chickies. I loved the "sunny side" song, the stuck beak, and the playfulness.