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This was a fun and entertaining read! Well done. :)
An interesting read and sweet story. I like the ending because it makes people realize how close they can be despite age gaps. I especially like the decription in the woods. It brings back lots good memories, of the times when I was so carefree, having the luxury to take long walks into nature, listening to the sounds of birds, insects, and water from the springs, with breezes of gently brushing the face. Missed those days now that I'm living in the city.
Love the interaction of the sisters and excellent job with the dialogue. Very enjoyable!
ROFL! I liked the title here and I was wondering how she'd turn into a cool Dudette. Cute! I loved how the sisters were able to connect, despite the years between them and I want to know what else will happen next and if Ruthanne will fall for Barry. This was great-it left me wanting more! ^_^
Great title, and I liked the 3 snapshots of these womens' lives.

I got a bit confused--maybe you switched a bit from 1st person to 3rd person when referring to RuthAnne?
Cute and clever - enjoyed this piece. Nice job on characterizations.
I like how you went back in time to the fun days.