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Clever, clever clever. Loved the ironic tone your lies took.
Loved the part about Joseph's coat and then how you called him Joey.

Hee-hee! You made me laugh! :D This funny, very creative piece was a totally enjoyable read! From your intriguing title, through your enlightening explanations of the Bible stories, to your ending sentence--WONDERFUL!!
VERY enjoyable, with a wry, ironic voice. Loved it.
Excellent example of dry humor. I enjoyed it!
Very creative. I enjoyed the voice, and the irony was fun. Nicely done.
Oh my goodness, your poor MC, she has taken one too many whacks on the head by her sweet, loving brother and sister. It has addled her brain. LOL I snickered all the way through. Great job Angela :-)
LOL! This was funny! I liked the dry voice here and especially the format of having the "Lies" in bold and then working through each biblical story-my fave was the one with Rachel and Leah. That was good! I especially liked the ending with the only-children have infiltrated my utopia. ROFL! Good job!^_^
Hehe - very well done, Angel. I have to believe you enjoyed this stretch - I know I enjoyed reading it!
Wonderful job with irony!
You carried this off so, so well. I loved the tongue-in-cheek humor and it gave me a wry smile with a nod of the head. Bravo and well done, not to mention the two c's: clever and creative!!!!
Excellent piece, absolutely hilarious! I might mention, as an only-child, that I indeed have been a part of perpetuating this assault on Utopia.
Great job, and keep 'em coming!
As the mother of an OC, I actively participated in the undermining of the blissful reality of loving siblings. Hee hee. This so funny and fun to read! Though I have an only child, I'm NOT an only child so I can attest to the REALITIES of having siblings. Big Time. (See why I have an OC?)
Angela -- Congrats on your EC!!
I loved the dry humor in this. Well done my friend!
Congratulations on your EC. Very creative story for the topic. Nice job.
Congratulations Angela!!
Oh man, I'm cracking up here, and that's hard to achieve with me, really. The irony is delicious. I especially loved the part about David and his brothers, and this line was perfect: “Shut up and go back to your fantasy planet you idiot.”
Hilarious. Creative and entertaining. Congrats.