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Enjoyable as ever :) I can't wait to have the chance to read the entire story!
Okay - I have to know - will this continue after our 3 week break? Good work. Amazing how you manage to keep the story going and connect it to the topic. Now if I could just be really clever and put something French into my comment!
The tension is rising . . . and three weeks is a lonnnggg time to wait.
Your skill at weaving a story and drawing in the topic is amazing indeed.
You reveal something this big at the end and then make us WAIT!!!!
I like mystery stories, so this one captured my interest. Waiting to hear the rest.
No fair!
NO FAIR!! This reminds me of the who shot JR cliff hanger over the summer.Great story!
Are you planning on (or have you)posted these entries on this site as an ebook? I'd love to read it all together once you've finished. Of course, this was the last challenge of the quarter. Are you going to continue next quarter? The suspense is killing me...
Oh - loved it, by the way. :-)
Blessings, Lynda
As enjoyable and engrossing as ever, found this sentence a little clumsy. ‘The people loved his jolly appearance, and ready laugh; but as I knew Maurice, he was an aggressive leader in reestablishing the church.’ Yeah, I know, picky picky or an Americanism I'm unfamiliar with.
This is my first time jumping in to read the advanced entries. I've got to get those first chapters now!! :)
You, the writer, have control - you've GOT to keep her safe!!! And good grief, how can you just leave us hanging like this?!! Grr....
I'm waiting. . .! :-D Good job, Dub!
I do love the suspense and I'm a people person.
This is truly a wonderful read. God bless, littlelight