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Coincidence - I was very young at the time of my birth as well... hey, this is a cute story - nice touch of humour and very well written. Enjoyed!!
Great story, and I enjoyed your gently witty voice.
Enjoyed the voice of this, and how lovely it turned out. Very nice.
I really like this story. It's cute, and well-written.

My mother rejected me shortly after birth, but one can hardly blame her. Born with jaundice, a shock of straight black hair and black eyes, nose flattened by the birth process... can one blame her for thinking I was an Indian baby? And 35 years later, when my own daughter was born, I could see why. Vicki looks a lot like me, and as a tiny baby she looked like a pink complected Eskimo baby!
Loved this snapshot of what your life was like growing up.

This is such a witty, funny entry that I enjoyed every word. You had a couple of lines that are priceless! Kudos!
I love the title of this! What a stubborn nurse, I'm so glad that the mix-up was fixed though and I like the light tone of this all the way down to the end. Great job! ^_^
What a great, great story and you told it so well in fact that I'm believing it, totally. I loved your sense of humor in accepting the inevitable and the love you were able to share with your siblings. It sounds like a wonderful family, leaving me just a wee bit jealous.
Oh dear, you have my utmost sympathy. I just loved the line "I did not, however, ask to be held down while my face was rubbed with bacon and the dog was brought to lick it off." So much brotherly love in that action.
This was so well written, the thoughts and memories of the MC flowed beautifully.