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I enjoyed reading this compassionate story and appreciate the irony of how the capable child was really the "cripple". The end was also hopeful and awe-inspiring. It teaches a valuable lesson, which is to accept everyone as God's creation, regardless of how they look on the outside.
You described this special 'brother' so well. A great lesson for all of us.
Thank you for writing this! Your truthful,kind and loving words mixed with a truthful, kind and loving heart.

You are indeed blessed.

I bet you could write a book about Michael-I'd love to read it and would give it to many.
This was super fantastic. Great writing and what a wonderful lesson in caring. You touched my heart.
Very nice writing of this touching story! You did a wonderful job of describing Michael, and I especially liked this line: "He was the most articulate inarticulate person I knew." Great message here, too! :)

There are some wonderfully turned phrases in this essay..."staying afloat in a sea of playground hostility" for one. This is a very touching story about relationships. Nicely done.
After reading your description of Michael I enjoyed this phrase, "He was the most articulate inarticulate person I knew." The relationship between your MC and Michael is so amazing (and sweet) to read about. Your lesson is wonderful. Nice writing.
Thanks for sharing the value of integration. My son has stuck up for a friend with dispraxia. The children no longer have to be asked today less able children a part of everyday life, but teasing still happens.
A moving story of sisterly love, albeit reluctantly at times. This is not different to most blood relations. How wonderful that Michael was in the top three in the competition, I'd have been proud of him too. Nice conversational voice.
You did so well with this. Michael is special and you are special for portraying it so beautifully!
Absolutely wonderful--this should be a full-length work.
This was a great article. I only wish more kids were like you were in dealing with people different then them.
Wow... important message well conveyed. "He was the most articulate inarticulate person I knew" was my favourite sentence too!
A wonderful story in every way possible! I loved seeing your compassion towards Michael, and I loved how you realized years later why God had put him in your life. I also appreciate your honesty in admitting that you didn't always want to be around him.

I have a disabled sister, and it can be tough at times, but God definitely does put them there for a reason. Every person serves a special purpose.

Loved the story. Thank you so much for sharing it. :)
Touching and tender. I remember kids in my school who were mainstreamed during those years; I never really thought about how strong they must have been to endure all the teasing that went on around them every day. Well written message.
Indeed, it is all of what being a brother/sister is about! I liked your title and I'm glad that you were the 'big sister' to this guy. What a story-thanks for sharing! ^_^
Incredibly moving and wonderfully written, Emily. I hope you DO expand this. Wonderful descriptions, and you touched my heart with this.