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Your title drew me in and I enjoyed this very much.

Other than a couple missing "s" this sparkled.

Remarkable that God took her voice, more remarkable the daughter planning on leaving---at 11---Keep writing, you have much to share.
Very interesting story with a wonderful message. Love it!
Instead of seasoning them with salt, I tend to use chili pepper. Love this analogy, and it is one I can certainly relate to. Thank you for sharing.
I enjoyed reading from both the mom and the daughter's view points. Nicely done.
You have the most interesting ways of handling an analogy. I love this piece and I can see people from my life in this writing.
It's a fine entry and I think it should easily place.
You address a struggle here which I believe most of us parents have faced. It is truly only in God's strength that victory may be realized. I was glad to experience the transition of Amanda's middle name from irony to reality.
This is excellent, from the catchy title to through the smooth transitions, to the satisfactory conclusion. Blessed indeed is the mother whose 16-year-old daughter considers her her best friend.
Thank you for this. I'll always think of your chili pepper analogy when I'm tempted to lose it with my kiddos. Great job.
I love this message. Very powerful, and so realistic.

I especially like the part about Shelly not being "surprised" by God's answer to her prayer.

Nice job with the topic.
Great title. This is amazing. Great idea on telling the story first from the mother's perspective (don't we all have those moments when we hear our mother's voice come out of our mouth?). Then the Lord's intervention and what a great way to wrap it all up with the letter from the daughter 5 years later. Very creative. Excellent writing.
Love the title and the analogy especially. I also really liked seeing both sides of this. Nicely done!
The daughter's letter at the end was a nice touch. Your title is great, and I liked how you compared the words to being like chili pepper instead of salt.

I think everyone, parent or not, can take something from this story to help better their lives.

Thank you for sharing.
I loved your title and how it fit with the theme of your story! I want to season my conversations with salt, too; and your piece will remind me to be careful not to use chili pepper instead! :D Nice job!
Title perfect... and what a wonderful lesson for all moms... everywhere. I loved that you used God's word as the teacher, and then we saw how God intervened in the daughter and she also saw the power of God's truth. Great writing... loved it!
Oooh, I did like this. I liked the 'miracle' of when she tried to yell, she's lose her voice. That was neat. I especially liked the letter at the end from Amanda-the story behind the story, so to say. It was great!

RED INK: A few missing words in the first paragraph, for instance, I think you missed a "was" or "and" somewhere. ^_^ Otherwise-really nice!
What more could I add to what has already been written, Very well done!
Words of wisdom wrapped around a wonderful story. I especially liked the analogy of your title, seasoned throughout your article : )
This was a great entry. I really loved it. The lesson was strong, yet gentle and I'm sure many of us will remember it. Great flavoring throughout!
Great title! Try using a little different structure to enhance the "feel" of the story. I really liked the transition in POV--wonderful!
Excellent story with a perfect message and a title to draw the reader in.