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Interesting! I can see this as part of a longer Biblical novel. I think a little more reference should have been given to Solomon. (you'd be surprised at how few have ever heard this story)
Creatively written.
Very nicely done! Once I had a somewhat sense of who was who, this story developed quite nicely! I wish there'd been more though, I wanted to know what happened next. I also like how you assigned names to each of them-this is a fresh POV on a nice piece! ^_^
Of course! The Wisdom of Solomon- Why didn't I think of that Biblical story? Great view point.
This is creative and well written. I would love to know more. Great job!
Excellent biblical choice for the topic, and a nice use of flashback.
You created an intriguing voice for this story. I love the details of the marketplace at the beginning.

I have run across this story quite a few times recently so this was a refreshing look.
A VERY compelling story, and a great example for this topic. I love all you added to it - very engaging.

I do want to say that I found the large amount of text in italics a bit distracting (and a little hard on my head). Perhaps another way of separating the action from the interior monologue would be helpful.

The last paragraph, especially, was very strong. Nice job!
I enjoyed reading this account, made personal, from scripture. Gives you a new perspective on what exactly this woman went through.