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Loved your style here.

Aren't Moms great like that.

You said a lot in very few words, Keep it up.
Excellent showing the mother's love and the strength given to her daughter.
It's very poetic the way you started with each line and had tears flowing for different reasons. I really liked that. Your conclusion of drawing on the same strength, though the MC's mother was gone physically, was very touching.
What a style and how touching your story is! Thanks for sharing!
I really like the repetition at each stage of life--and I love the mother's response. I especially like the part where the mom acknowledges that she can't fix all the problems--only God can do that. Very nice format, and good job with the topic.
You have very effectively shown how a positive approach to facing struggles can run full circle from one generation to the next.
I think that "broken" might have been a better choice than "broke" in some places.
I agree that "broken" would be better than "broke" in several places. But otherwise it's really good. Seasons... snapshots... scenery changes and the adjustments that come with them...
I enjoy the parallel structure here, and the mother's tender spirit.
Ohh, I like this. The form of it is just right, and the parallelism works quite well. I enjoyed this very much.
I really liked the format of this piece. You did a great job describing the role that mothers play in helping their kids mend the hurts of life. Even when they can't fix things, they sure try their best to be there to listen and comfort.

Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed reading it.
Very nice piece, and very true of many wonderful moms! You did a good job with the "broken" theme, and the ending was so touching! Thank you for sharing this!