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"Mommy says I eat like a horse, but I think she means a pony."

Loved that line. It made me laugh. :)

The child's voice in this story is perfect. It's exactly how I would expect a little kid to talk. I could picture the child standing in front of me, wide eyed, telling me everything.

Great job with this one. I can tell that you have a lot of experience with children that I'm sure helped you when crafting this piece.
I enjoyed the child's voice and all that was happening in the story.
This is so precious! I wish my kids could say the same thing about me, but they most certainly cannot. ;)

This was my favorite line: We all sit under the tent and read… and Mommy melts M&M’s on the dryer vent. (We really like M&M’s ... oh, and tents too!) Too precious!

I would've enjoyed a more creative title, maybe even the just the improved phrasing of your last line: My FAvoritest Favorite. I dunno...just a thought. ;)
You definately nailed the voice of a child, and I LOVED the visual of her playing in a giant mud puddle, then getting hosed down! LOL
Good stuff.
This was the perfect way to tell us abot your mom without being stiff or predictable. Great job.
Shirley, what a precious memoir! You made me feel like I was right there on the farm with you.
The only thing that troubled me was the single use of past tense.
"She taught me to read when I was only four."
I'm only four and she's teaching me to read.
Thank you for sharing these treasured memories.
Superb job on the voice of this piece. You were spot on.
I loved all her favorites.

Creative and engaging. Fresh and so much alive.

Great job!
Excellent job with the voice - and an absolutely delightful piece with wonderfully poignant bits. Just lovely.
What a wonderful blessing to have a mother like that. And what a role model!! And with the young child's voice you paint a refreshingly simple picture.
This was cute. I love it. I think I saw one spelling error on "whiskers", but this was simply delightful to read in the voice and it sounds like you had a wonderful time growing up and you described it all so well. I felt was there.
Awww! What a lovely story! I loved the last line with the "My mommy is the favoritest.." lol. That was cute and just what a kid would say. This made me think back to the little house on the prarie books, the descriptions and especially the POV made this very fun! Nice job! ^_^
I entered the heart and mind of a child reading this precious piece. It is at once both beautiful and poignant, brining back some great memories of my own.
I love this glimpse into the little girl Shirley and her mommy who she loves so very much (and misses.) Great writing as always, my friend!
Shirley knowing you and your Mother as I do, this article took me back many years. As I read it I visualized those places, the heater in the kitchen, the dryer, the tents, and the mud puddle.Thanks for my memories that you brought back to me.You have a wonderful way with words, keep it up.