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This gorgeous poem has it all--wonderful use of rich and complex language, and a heartfelt message expressed with perfection. I loved every line, and the last stanza is just so precious with longing.
I struggle to find the words for how moving this poem was. The meter and style was classical while it told a contemporary story. Just beautiful. And I felt the emotion and sadness behind the daughter's desire for her mother to know Christ. This line made me tear up:
She took the class and got involved, but that would pass away as dew
When I was grown and moved away; faith not her own, no creature new.

Well done.
This was very well crafted with each word in the right place for meaning and sound. Lots and lots of alliteration and consonance between the rhymes. The subject was tender and there is much in this poem of both mother and daughter.Altogether there is an emotion about it that is passed from the writer to the reader. Beautiful work.
God is faithful. Your mother is blessed to have a daughter like you who cares for her soul.
What an incredible piece...lovely and bittersweet, ending with the hope of all hopes. Well done!
This is written with so much love. It is beautiful!
You said so many wonderful things and them to make it rhyme. I can't say enough about the depth of the thoughts unleashed here.

I hope you let her read this. ;)
Excellent poem as well as touching praise and petition for the mother! You did a very nice job with this! :) I think if the mother read it, she might try again to seek the Lord!
This beautiful poem shows a wonderful mother, but as you clearly showed, it is not through good deeds alone that we get to Heaven.

It is my prayer that this mother, and all others like her, come to know God during their lifetimes. There are so many good people in this world that could be even better if they would just accept Jesus into their hearts.

I appreciate you sharing this. It was a blessing to read.
Wonderful! I liked the first line best, it seemed to start out with this lovely image that was carefully crafted all the way to the end. Nice job. ^_^
Holly, my heart feels the pain, and I understand what you're going through, for in your words I find resounding truth about 'words and actions ... failed to bring her back toward You [God].' My prayer for you and for myself too, is the same words you've written, 'So please, dear Lord, enlighten me, or send out toward her others who will share Your Word as ne'er before her spirit's heard, and yet break through.' May God help us, as we unite to pray for our love ones, and not just ours, but for all whose love ones need the Lord's salvation. May we stay strong and perservere.