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So many of your words reach me on the inside. This was real and vivid and enchanting.

I would read and cherish a collections of stories like this.

Keep up the good words! I'm thinking this will win a ribbon.
I am so amazed by this piece. I was captivated by your poetic phrases and descriptions, as well as the way you made these creatures come alive in my heart. Pure excellence!
Beautiful description, lovely writing. I enjoyed this piece very, very much.
Your descriptions are exquisite, and I love your kitties. I was sad that the mother cat did not choose to share this loving home.
This is a wonderful little story. It reminds me of our farmer neighbour's dog who used to bring all of her puppies over to our acreage home each day from the time they were tiny, and sometimes leave them behind as if she were hoping they would stay with us.
Awwwww--this is irresistably sweet, and I'm not a big fan of "sweet". But I loved every word of this.
Beautifully descriptive. You painted the scene so vividly. Lovely!
What a beautifully written, deeply moving piece. Your descriptions are so vivid, rich and heartwarming as this loving little mother made sure the baby she loved would have a loving home, where he would be safe and cared for by a loving human mother. This little story stole my heart!
Wow. Your descriptions in this are amazing! I could picture every little detail of the environment and of the woman and animals. THis was a delightful change from some of the other takes on this week's topic. Quite unique. I really appreciate you sharing this.
I really enjoyed this take on the topic. You draw the reader into the story with your wonderful descriptions.
Awww! I liked this, it was cute and fluffy! ^_^ I loved the visual descriptions and how didn't come outright and 'tell us' what 'it' was. Very nicely done! I especially liked the last part when she's wondering what to name the little guy! ^_^
This was very well done. I will be sending this to my granddaughters.
Perfect om so many ways! This held me entranced from beginning to end. Wonderful. I could feel your empathy for the cratures of the forest through your descriptive writing.
Just beautiful description for a jewel of a story. I really enjoyed it.