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Wow, your imagery and descriptions are amazing, and what an incredibly creative way to approach the topic. Well done.
I could sense everything that was going on in this dramtic re-telling of the birth of our saviour as found in the book of Revelations. The tension between the Virgin Mary and the Dragon was intense and real and Mary's courage in facing Satan based upon her belief was heartening. The inward thoughts of Mary twoard her unborn child were told as only a mother could relay such feelings.
I am speechless. This was amazing. Wow....
Excellent, vivid descriptions, and a fascinating take on the topic.
Wowsers, this is very good! Glad you're back!
Oh wow! I didn't catch the Revelation aspect until quite a way into it - this is beautiful and lovely and wonderfully done. SO glad you're back, my dear Myrna!
Wow! (The thought of a dragon got me-lol) This is GOOD! I liked the fairy-tale feel to it and especially your descriptions that made me feel as if I were right there in the woods with the queen and watching it all play out and wanting that bad dragon to really get his comeuppance! Nicely done! ^_^
Wonderful story, now I have to go to Revelations and see where you started from. Your descriptions were wonderful.
What a way to welcome you back! This is so great to see, Myrna. Congratulations and look forward to reading more of your work. Loren
Myrna, you came back FULL force with an EC win.. CONGRATS! What absolutely amazing descriptive imagery, emotion, and drama. Pulled me in and I sat in amazement at how you came up with this from Revelation and were able to write about it... BRAVO GIRL and welcome HOME!
Myrna, Fabulous tale, and now I am nxiously awaiting the next installment! Surely there will be a chapter II in the offing. Congrats!!
Wow, wow, and WOW!!! Myrna Joy, what an excellent job. You, my dear girl have a wonderful way with words! Congratulations on your EC!!
An enjoyably unique approach to the topic!
I was captivated from the first word on. I kept stopping, though, to savor your word carpentry, so creative, so brilliantly portrayed. You are indeed a Master!

And thank you for your lovely comment on my entry this week, also. I very much appreciate your taking the time to do it.
A perfect entry for "mother" and so very artfully crafted. I didn't want to repeat all the wow's but can find no better word to describe your 'poetic' painting of the birth of Jesus and the unseen but "real" all-out spiritual warfare that ensues.