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This was so incredibly moving. It is my first article to read (other than my own, ha), and I was just enthralled. It would've been enough to tell the story from a historical standpoint, but putting the emotion of the mother's heart dying with her in there. Wow. That was marvelous. Well done.
I LOVE IT! What a wonderful POV; a very creative take on a Bible story we only get a snippit of in the Word.
Oh, I can so relate to the mommy-heart. Great writing. I love seeing the Bible come to life in such unique ways! Good job!
Oh, I liked this! The term "mother -heart" is so special, wonderful! I also like the fresh POV on this story of the girl in the room. Wonderfully done! ^_^
The title intrigued me and I was SO glad I read this! What a touchingly tender story! Well done!
Very,very nicely done! I like the way you write! :)

I liked how you paralleled the physical death of the daughter with an emotional death in the mother, and how when Jesus spoke life to the little girl, he also spoke it to the mother's heart.

Creative portrayal of this Bible story!
The details in your writing are perfect and great retelling this wonderful Bible story. Excellent!
Wonderful POV--this is my favorite way to read Biblical fiction--through the fresh eyes of someone who is otherwise just implied, or hanging around the edges of a story. Very, very well done.
I loved the Hebrew in the title. Not only does it go well with the story you told, but it also fits the time period that the story is set in.

The whole "mother heart" theme was beautiful, and it really gets a person thinking how it must have felt for that woman, losing her child, and then seeing Jesus raise her up like that.

One of my favorites this week. Thank you for sharing.
Your "Imi-Lev" is showing through in this entry. Well done, Marita.
Excellent job! Got you right in there feeling the fear, the emotion, the joy, and all that comes with being a mother. I liked this.
What a fine example of the retelling of a great Bible story. One day I hope to be so bold to attempt it too. Your perspective is refreshing, you wowed me.

Looking forward to more...
Absolutely lovely - wonderful characterization, and a fresh look at a Bible character we know so little about. Enjoyed this very much, Marita.
I always enjoy it when stories from the Scriptures are developed this way, characters given real depth and passion. Great stuff!
You really did a great job with this, taking the story a "step beyond" what we knew.