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I'm fascinated with the Civil War. I especially like "rebel yell to help stem the invading blue tide" and "I just protect my daddy's bride" . It was a heart-breaking time in our nation's history with boys going off to fight other boys, sometimes relatives. I enjoyed the images you evoke with this poem, especially the "scent of the sweet potato pie." Thanks!
Powerful images and emotions in this evocative poem.
Extremely deep and powerful..executed in so few words.
Who needs 750 words? I do, but you don't. Wow. This line moved me to tears: Mother: Dawns final day has winked at me
This entry says so much. Great out of box for the topic.
Especailly loved this line "brief seconds remembering kisses on my cheek"

Keep writing these images from your mind.
Loved this poem. A total refreshing surprise, and because of that, so deeply moving and emotional. Great creative idea and execution!
Wow - SO powerful and fascinating imagery. This blessed me.
Oh Henry! Outstanding imagery, love your free-flowing style and sophisticated rhymes. You're my poetry hero.
Very moving and vivid descriptions. I especially like "...I must protect my daddy's bride..." Excellent!
This is great! Lots of depth and emotion, especially with the detail of the sweet potato pie at the end. Sort of bittersweet. Nice job. ^_^

Powerfully written, beautiful images.
Wow, Henry, you're going to make a poetry lover out of me yet. I was involved emotionally with the entire piece. Lovely, evocotive...simply outstanding!
Wonderful poem. My favorite line was "Dawn's final day has winked at me."