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Absolutely wonderful. Your talent is poured out throught your writing. A real winner.
This is eloquently penned. I love the images "rolling wheat fields" "childhood home." This completes the circle, "I dress you as you dressed me -- I clean you as you cleaned me -- I love you as you loved me -- You try my patience as I tried yours." I smiled at your ending, "Sleep well -- Call me when you get there." Beautiful thoughts in a lovely tribute.
Your writing really touched me. The words are so beautiful and tender. Love the last line.
So VERY well written. I'm left without words because I'm living this as you must be also to be able to write like that. How often I have pondered that gradual shift of the roles of caregiver. This is eloquent and sad. But I love that last line "Call me when you get there."
Sad, yet touching and beautiful...
Precious! ...and perfect title for such a heartrending story of real life. Loved this unique and beautiful tribute to your mother. Emotion, love and patience pours out from this wonderful and very well written Vigil God bless.
This is very beautiful and touching. I especially love the last stanza: call me when you get there. The repetition of the earlier stanza at the end is very effective.
So poignant and beautifully written! I love the phrases "juggling babies and your wistful dreams" and "call me when you get there." Excellent.
Your title is perfect for the watch you kept. I love the change of responsibilities and the greacious way you own it.
Your title fits this piece and I loved the repeated lines with eat, call me when you get there. So much like a mother! Great job! ^_^
The repetition is amazingly effective - especially the last line. Vivid and engaging and moving. Wonderfully done.
This is incredible. Truly moving.
Very good--get out the kleenex. Your phrasing is beautiful. Very nice job with the topic.
Thanks for sharing your heart. This is outstanding.
A beautifully written emotional piece
Congratulations on your EC. This was one of my favorites this week.
Congratulations on your win with this eloquently truthful and touchingly evocative poem. You've penned it with the skill of a master. It beautifully mirrors and achingly reveals real life.
Beautiful and poignant. Thank you for sharing this part of your heart with us.
CONGRATULATIONS on your EC and your 1st place win in Advanced! This is a very moving, well-written piece!
Hauntingly beautiful! Congratulations!
I got goosebumps just now reading this foreshadow of what is soon to be with my own mother. Only Jesus and the promise of the resurrection relieves the hollow feeling.
Emily, I'm going to feature this moving poem on the Front Page showcase for the week of July 21. Look for it on the FW home page, and congratulations!
Congratulations on this piece that keeps you interested until the final line..I was wondering how you would finish it, and waiting for the introduction of hope. Weel done.
Such a sad, yet beautiful glimpse of a common reality. Very well written.
This is a show stopper. Such a beautiful, sad truth, that the circle must close in the end and we come back to teh beginning. This could not have been described more beautifully and truthfully. Good job and congrats on reaching showcase...>
Emily -- I'm happy to see this on the FW Frontpage. I was blessed as I read this again.
This brought tears to my eyes. I have had the thought that when we see a very old person, all the wrinkles and bent backs, the veins showing through the skin, we really are seeing a young girl or boy trapped in an old body. Prisoners waiting for freedom from that which is corruptible. God's gift to show us what is temporal, as opposed to that which is eternal....