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I loved it! Very well crafted. Good job!
And they all lived hapily ever after and enjoyed their private relationship with Jesus, and no one else ever knew or heard... it's such a personal thing...
Thanks for this, it was pointedly good.
Interesting way to craft the story. Thank you for your submission.
Good point!
Excellent message! I love it. He reigns now and forever through His people on earth!
Very nice, I like that the story doesn't end :)
The opening was fantastic and pulled me in right away. It lost steam after that for me -I want to hear more about who he was [what made him different] and if I don't have to feel guilty for his death what can I do about it? All of the points that you made are very valid but the solution needs more emphasis. I really like the direction this going and it is well worth reworking. My opinion.
no lemon pie here. yea, the flow could be tighter... but excellent concept and an enjoyable read.
I really liked this piece. The repetition of 'The End' ... only it WASN'T the end ... was really catchy. Your points were good. The way you concluded (not ended) was powerful. I agree it could be tighter but don't quite see how. I think you did a great job. It had a strong message. Well done.
See, B? This is why you're still hanging out in the Advanced level. Because this was an ADVANCED entry! I absolutely loved it. The concept, the writing, the message. You made a powerful point. For me, this one's a winner.
Blessings, Lynda
You can see all the threads of the "complete story" in your challenge for us to remember to also include the reality of God's Power that is at work each and everyday. Each part of the story is "not the end!" Very good.
Here's what I have to say about what YOU said: AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN! :0)