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Your story is fascinating. (my husband was born in Laos… I've heard a few stories concerning that country). This was beautifully written. I love the Vietnamese title (and the translation). I liked learning a little about their family and culture.
Although the title turned me off to the point of almost skipping it, I'm glad I had second thoughts; for it was a very touching and beautiful story of mother/daughter love.

Explanation: (My reluctance to read this entry was that the writer was either a very bad typist or the story wasn't in English).(*.*)!
Well written article although I don't agree with the statment that "it is a rare thing the mother/daughter bond here in the western world" Have you heard of Mother's Day? Dear heart that wasn't started by a male.
This was like a tiny window from where I could see something happening in that fraction of a second as a passerby. I liked the interaction between the mother/daughter. It was special and very touching. Especially where she sang "Jesus loves me." Wonderful. ^_^
Lovely snippet of the blessings of tutoring foreigners, and the beauty of a mother/daughter relationship that transcends borders and language. I loved the history of the Vietnamese culture as well. Nicely done, Dub.
While I am not personally acquainted with anyone of Vietnamese origin, my sil from Thailand came here shortly after her marriage to my dh's brother, and then speaking only her native tongue. The family loyalties and deep devotions must be similar to those in Vietnam for I saw how she carried those over to her new and strange American family. All this is to say I found your article to be very authentic and I could easily identify with the sensitivities of the Vietnamese mother and her daughter. Whew! What a mouthful. Good writing. I enjoyed it very much.
A very informative piece that fit this week's topic perfectly. I liked that this story had educational value to it. It was an engaging read, and I came away knowing a little bit about Vietnamese culture. Thank you for sharing this. :)
Lovely account of learning a new language in a new land.