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Your title caught my eye, and your words kept me the rest of the way. I actually read it twice. Wonderful work, I loved it. Great humor and perfect ending.
Too funny! I loved the last part about getting closer to what you asked for. There were some spots that you could choose a different/word phrase rather than repeating what you have already used.. ie... i tried that once. I think my favorite was the third to last paragraph.. LOL funny! Nice job.
Love the title, and the voice. I could totally relate to your MC. Nice job with the topic.
Your title in relation to your entry is great! This is so humorous. I love "wearing a permanent badge of spitup" and "three months later I was pregnant and still dogless." Then your words are beautiful, "he reached out his tiny hand, touching my cheek and my heart." This was so enjoyable to read.
Wonderful! I especially loved the images of the Doberman thrown over the shoulder, and the husky in underpants.
Really loved this story,it made me laugh!Well done.
This is cute and funny. Glad you finally came to realize how precious these little ones are. Give you a hint--grandkids are the treasures of old age. Look forward to this stage when you can just laugh at everything they do and enjoy them without rancor. It's wonderful!
The humor of this piece finally came out in the last sentence, before that it was more like a tirade against children,(which I'm sure you didn't mean). The writing was good so keep doing it.
Very enjoyable read and such a great sense of humor you show!
Will you still ask for a dog? I like the humour which we might have missed if you had got your dog. Well done.
Thank you for the refreshing, real-life look into motherhood. I laughed out loud when I read "permanent badge of spit-up" So many entries have been nice and sweet memoirs, which have their place, but for me, who is a fairly young mother, I wanted to cheer outloud and say - Yes, motherhood is hardwork, a definite blessing, but I am glad someone recognized my permanent badge of spit-up.
Thank you, Debbie, for this fun story with lots of chuckles.