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Very good story. How funny. Highly entertaining.
A very clever entry for this week's topic. Sort of reminds me of the one I entered only a lot different if that even makes sense. :)

I liked the ending where the mom came in. That was a nice little twist. My only complaint is that I would like to have seen more. Maybe you can write additional tales about this undercover family.

Thank you for sharing this.
Oh I do so like this one! I love the secret agent piece! I especially liked the ending and the bit where Girl-er-Emily had to try and play along. You made this very believable! ^_^
Oh my, I loved this. And I hope Aunt Gertie is real, because she sounds like too much fun to be limited to the pages of fiction!
I went back and forth as I read this, trying to decide if she was schizophrenic or actually a spy, or just a very entertaining aunt. Tell you the truth, I'm still not sure...but it was a very entertaining read.
Great out of the box entry for the topic. Fun roller coaster ride you took us on. Keep it up!
I ditto Jan. I still after a couple re-reads have no idea what was 'real' with Gurtie, but it was a fun read. Uber creative!
Okay, I'm a bit confused--but I see by other comments that I'm not the only one.

This reminded me of the crazy lady/teacher in the Magic Schoolbus books. I found Aunt Gerty quite entertaining, even if I didn't follow the storyline completely.

Good voice, and fun read.
I'm confused too... but delighted at the same time. Aunt Gertie is great!
I'm dying to know if these gals were really secret agents or if this was some members of the family putting on another member of the family. In any case, you kept us guessing and it was a good read.
Since seeing the movie "A Beautiful Mind", I think I wonder also if stories of intrigue are all in the MC's head-LOL! Great read and how cool would it be to have a family full of women agents?
Your story wove a spell of mystery and intrigue right up there with Nancy Drew, "A Beutiful Mind" and "Matilda"
It held my interest and certainly keep me wondering and looking for more clues as to what was really going on and what was to take place later.
Very cute and clever. Lots of fun to read. Enjoyed this a lot!
Definitely kept me hooked and wondering... lots of fun.
Enjoyable read, especially the aunt's character and believable dialogue.