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You have put so much into this. I fell for your mc, but also know she is blessed. Wonderful work here. Keep writing, I feel there is much more to these stories.
There is so much here! I can tell this took some time and something to write it all. I can feel the emotion in it and the differences between them. great job. ^_^
I really liked how you laid this out so to speak, the three brothers, the three branches. I liked how you connected it to the family tree, showing that you are creating a legacy, leaving something behind, whether it be good or bad.
What a strong commentary on the difference Christ can make in a life. Your examples each had that touch of bittersweet memory and pain, but for different reasons. This is quite a tender story.
Very good, Angela! You had a great hook, and were able to maintain the tree metaphor throughout, and very beautifully.
So much emotion, this must have been difficult. Very thoughtful writing.
Really good job, relates well to the story of the seeds sown: those in the weeds, on the path, or in the prepared ground. I enjoyed it.
This is absolutely masterful, rich in imagery and emotion, and perfect for the topic. Angel, I think this is the best thing you've written that I can recall. Marvelous.
Wow, what an amazing testimony. It all rings so true. In college I knew many PK's (preacher's kids) and almost everyone rebelled in one way or another. I lost track of them, but I would like to think most found their way back to God, as did your third uncle. How blessed you are to have lived, learned and grown for a while "under their shadowing care."
Beautiful writing Angela. I love the analysis lesson you've learned from each lesson. You were able to relay the heartache that resulted from the actions of some and the joy and blessing from the other. This is very, very good!
Absolutely excellent. I enjoyed every bit of this, the stories, the comparison, the final outcomes. Written with great skill and wisdom. Great job!
What a deep and rich story. I am sure this consumed much thought, time, and energy to write. I loved the branch comparisons.

This has to be my favorite piece from you so far, Angela. Your writing ability really shines in this, and regardless of whether you rank or not, this is one piece I would be proud to have written if I were you.
Oh, Naye, I have tears! Beautiful writing. You created such a melancholy mood for this tale of your family tree. I gasped at the death of your Uncle, and mourn for you. I was captivated by all of the comparisons to a tree - masterful writing! You did well with your 750 words - it doesn't feel "crammed". :D

R.I.: You designated the first uncle as the youngest, I'd like to see the others designated also - eldest, middle - for consistency. I want to know how old you were when your uncles left. You just say "too young." I love the opening, but think the ending could be a bit stronger. I like what you say, but you can say it better. :D

I'm so glad you entered this piece - thank you!

Oops, I mean ANGELA!!!! Sorry! [blushes]
Angela -- Congrats on your 1st place with this!!!
This gripped my heart. We love our family "tree" so much and it pains us almost more than can be expressed to see such suffering and waste. Yet it is also enlightening to us to witness close to home the vast difference Jesus can make in a life, a family. You wrote this with great skill and passion and it is well-deserving of that lovely ribbon at the top. Congratulations! :)
Congratulations on your 1st place. The tree metaphor is done very, very well. Nice job with the topic.
So deserving of a 1st place win. Like I said previously, this has to be one of your best. This is a masterpiece.
Angela, I must add my CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved win for this insightful, compassionately-written piece! Wonderful, consistent "tree" analogy throughout! Very well-written! :)
Congratulations on a well deserved first place win! It's evident that you put a lot of care into this. Beautiful job.
This is a terrific metaphor--reminding me of the parable of the sower. You've done a wonderful job of linking the metaphor with their lives and with scripture. Many lessons here--not preachy--just well told. Congrats on 1st place.