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I felt part of the close knit family. Loved the read. Breezy and heartwarming. Hope this places.
Loved this! So light and easy to read and I liked Katie and her choice at the end. Especially that note with Aunt Sally feeding the twins mashed bananas...hmmm, 'about those cooking lessons-that shows a wonderful glimpse of her personality in thsese 750 words. ^_^
Very enjoyable. I especially liked the way you wrapped it sudden boring summary, as in "Well, it turned out that I married Charlie." I like it that he just shows up there ordering pizza at the end. You kept me with the story and with the family all the way through.
I LOVED THIS!!! It was light and funny, but meaningful and heartfelt too. Great job and thanks for sharing!
Charming and delightful--very good writing.
What a fun ending. This is well written and very entertaining. Kudos!
This was an enjoyable read. I liked the wisdom Aunt Sally shared and the end was great.
The ending was perfect in my opinion. I loved how Katie learned a little bit from both her aunt as well as her mother, while still maintaining her own unique identity.

The food descriptions got me so hungry. I could picture a scrumptious southern home cooked meal sitting in front of me. Yum!
What a great, enjoyable read. Loved the characters,and the food descriptions were killing me!
Loved it!
I really like this, and it's written well. The POV is really good, and the message is powerful yet subtle. Very good take on the topic.
A touching and heartwarming story... very nicely written!
Great lesson here, and that second to last paragraph is a highlight. Well done.
Well, I love this wonderful story! It made me feel at home, warm, and comfortable. This is the kind of story I'd love to read in a nice, looonnng book on a sunny, lazy summer the porch swing...with iced tea at my get the picture!
First, I have to comment about the food. The peach cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream snd the the pork chops and green beans brought back a lot of memories to this Oklahoma boy. Next, is how well you told this story and the wonderful message without being preachy. The writing was sincere and so very real. A great entry for this week's challenge.
This was a fun read with a lot to think about mixed in. I love the line where both Mom and Aunt Sally gave her the best of themselves.
Easy, light, enjoyable read.
You're getting too good, sweetie. We may have to make a new category just for you !!
I really, really, really like this!!!!!!