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What a great take on the topic. Out of the mouths of babes!!

masterful entry here.
I like Opal! She's a cute character. I'm glad that she did 'tell' her mom what was going on and I loved her little jumprope rhymes. Great job here-I enjoyed the read all the way through! ^_^
Opal is adorable--I love her. This is written in a great voice.

There are a few typos--such as "there," which should be "their" in one of the first paragraphs.

Very creative take on the topic. I like the name-thing--quite original.
I enjoyed this very much. Good story well on topic. Families are made up of all types, some good some bad. Thanks for reminding us prayer changes things.

Well written, even with those minor typos.
I think sometimes the stories that take on a life of their own are the best. This one is no exception. Good writing with a clear message.
Good story--I spotted several more typos, but this is still very strong, mostly because of the very realistic characterization of Opal. Top notch.
And I'm glad Opal's mother listened to her and stepped up to the plate.

I have been called Bill, and once when my husband was a pastor, I received a letter addressed to Rev. William Flewelling. Double mistake there, and twice as funny.
Wow - this story took quite a turn, from a cute beginning to a very serious situation. Nicely done.
Children are often the first ones to see abuse-the adults forget they're in the room or the house. Good characterization of the little girl.
Very strong characterization - and a very creative take on the topic. Nicely done, Sharon!