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Love this title! Very good story within a poem. Very unique.
My eyes danced through this enjoyable poem. Sorry, but I too giggled when you fell into her belly!
SO cute!!! Loved this line... "At church she always sat, in the very same place.
Her vast rounded back-side left an imprint in her space."

Sweet and fun.
Love the ryhthm and flow of this. I especially like Aunt Bea. It was a lovely glimpse of this strong woman-especially the lifesavers and hugs, those were good details. ^_^
This was fun and touching, thank God for Aunt Beas. Keep uo the good words.
Love her big backside!

The poem was charming, but I think it would be improved with a more consistent meter. It's very close, some minor tweaking would do the trick.
What a fun poem - a cute story and a good message, too. Love the ending. (I also agree with Jan's comments.) :-) Cat
My favorite part was also the cleverly written backside imprint. I enjoyed this poem.
What a wonderful lady... Aunt Bea. I am not a poetry person, but I really enjoyed this!
AH! This was a great read...very entertaining!
Thank goodness for people like Aunt Bea who can change our lives for the good. And, like your poem tell so well, it's not really the big things that can influence us as much as it is the little things like "Lifesavers and Hugs"
Great job.
A very cute poem. It was a lot of fun to read.

I laughed at the part about her backside leaving an imprint.

Thank you so much for sharing this!
Great poem and tribute to this woman who made a difference in the lives she touched.