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Your title is absolutely perfect for this poem. Jiminy Cricket wished upon a star, but prayer to the Father reaches an ear and finds its result. Very nicely done.
What I LOVE about this is that on the surface it's simple, short, almost childlike, but on a closer look it's rich in poetic sophistication: alliteration, assonance, repetition. And it's a SONNET, to boot, my favorite poetic form, with those last two lines an awesome kicker. Super!
Very nice! I liked how your title fit this piece. ^_^
This may be short, but it makes me think! Well thought out, and well written.
Love your poem. Great job.
Great title, too:)
Masterful writing... not easy to do... loved the title also..
Your poem has heart, beauty, and simplicity. Very lovely to read and then think about.
Rarely does an entry bring me to tears but, this one did. Beautiful!
Your title is so appropriate for your heartfelt words. What talent you have to convey your feelings in so few words. Thank you for submitting this tribute.
Very, VERY nicely done. A rich piece.
This cries out from the very soul of the writer. Beautiful, poetic, inspired by a triumphant life.
It is poetry like this that reminds me how far I have to go as a writer. This is beautiful and sad, and your use of "pray" and "wish" drew me right in.

Keep up the great writing.
Beautiful. You said so much in so few words. I savored every line of this. Thank you so much for sharing.
I have to confess, I forgot that I need to read poetry slower than fiction, and tho I thought your title was beautiful, I didn't like the poem much the first time through. Since I'm not well versed in poetry, I read what others had to say before I commented. I glad I did! I read again, out loud and slowly, digesting your words, and they came alive. The depth is stunningly deceptive. This is going in my favorites. :D