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HAHAHAHA ... awesome.. I wonder how many guys will get this story???
Hahaha! Too funny. Uh oh... I hear a knock.
I laughed, I cried, I reached for the chocolate. Well done.
Wow. I am a guy and I get who (or should I say what) the auntie is. LOL. That scares me a bit. I need to go play sports or lift weights or something to feel like a man again.

LOL. In all seriousness, this was very clever. You handled the subject in a very tactful and humorous way.

Thanks for sharing! :)
Okay, I must admit, (with red face), I didn't get it until I read the comments. (Maybe 'cause I had surgery to keep Auntie away a few years ago. Is that too much information?)

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this--even before I got it. I loved the repeated line about the aunt, mother's side, etc.

Creative take on the topic.
Ha ha… I loved the repeated "from her Mother's Side, Twice Removed" too. You covered everything from the weight gain, sleeping, headaches, then the chocolate. Very, very clever work on this!… This is so funny! (I love Josh's reaction to this too:) )
I snickered ALL through this! I LOVE it! It's so totally on topic, and yet out of the box and zany, too. I had to come for a second (LoL--third) read. *grin* Love it. Love it. Love it!
Oh my gosh! That is so creative...and wrong....LOL!!!!

It never was my 'aunt' it was always my 'cousin'...

Oh my LORD! What a RRRRIIIIOOOOTTT!! (snicker, snicker)
I'm laughing out loud-and some of my laughter is a bit evil 'cause 'Ol Auntie has stopped visiting me, and let me tell you-I don't miss her ONE bit! What a hoot!
Ha..Ha..Ha.. No one who reads this will have a visit from Auntie-from-their-mother's-side-twice-removed without thinking about this entry!!!
This is beyond hilarious...there's just no word for how clever and funny this is!
I think this entry is the most creative way to approach the subject. Never would have thought of this at all and loved it.
oh ROFL! This is too, too funny! I am still giggling-especially with that image of "Great Auntie" still in my head-fringed boots and all. LOL. I love this-especially the 'twice removed' and ending with eating chocolate. That's the best thing to do with "Auntie" lolz. Excellent job! ^_^ This is a favorite of mine this week!
If only I were so creative! I'll never forget this one. You forgot to add in a zit the size of a second head!
Laury, how enlightening. How much you have grown in your creativity. I had suspisions early one anly to get confirmation toward the end. Great read!!
I can see why you had so much fun writing this. I "got it" about halfway through. She was called Aunt Martha by the four sisters in my house.
Oh, DUH! It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what the problem was. (Going to the doctor??) When I did get it. LOL. This gets my vote for most creative take this week.
Ooooooh hahaha! NOW I get why Josh was lamenting the fact that he was the only guy who commented on this one!!

I'd never even heard the term "Aunt Flo" till I was almost past it myself... where I come from it was always "my friend". haha

Well done! And I look forward to that sequel....
H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! This one shall be forwarded around to my fellow 'cousins', who also share a disdain for their evil great aunt.
You're killing me here!
You got me! I should know better after raising three daughters. I was kind of feeling sorry for the aunt, but now I think this is adorable, clever, a fun surprise and a delight! But I do NOT miss her one bit...
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL ROFL I'm still laughing. This is the most original, creative spin on this topic. I never would have had the guts to write something like this, I'm glad you did.
This is sooo funny and the voice is perfect. Love the last paragraph too.
eerrr...ummm...I don't get it...hhmpph...

Just kidding...Hysterical and so creative...I love the father's reaction to the visits...I am ashamed to say that they are so true...

Most excellent!
What a stitch! I'll admit, I didn't start getting suspicious until half way through. Yup - I didn't have an "auntie" either, and it sure wasn't a "friend" but that's how it was referred to in my house. Very clever! Great job!
I couldn't get this to work yesterday for some reason... but wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this creative take on the topic. Well done.