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Your beginning is great wow, "ten" uncles.. The photo album reunion is so creative. I enjoyed "meeting" each uncle too The funny thing is, they resemble people I know. :) Let me know you introduce all your Aunts. :) This was a lot of fun to read.
Can I have some of these uncles? It's obvious that some love went into this story. The only problem I had was following the dialogue between the 2 characters. But I loved the "14 aunts" at the end!

Usually a story populated with this many characters would get confusing, but you handled this exactly right.
Nice diversion on the topic. What a reunion, so creative. Keep up the good words.
That last line was hilarious.
Having ten uncles myself, and being the mother of seven children who have eight uncles... I could relate! I agree, you handled the large number in a simple, effective, uncluttered way that added to the story rather than confusing the reader.

And I loved the last line!!
ROFL! I loved her last line with the 14 aunts, please tell me there is a sequel! I want to see his reaction when she tells him! Too funny! I loved hearing about each of his different uncles and how they were all special and different in their own way. Wonderful job! ^_^
What a great way to treat this challenge, very creative and well done to boot. I really liked these lines (giving some insight as to the reason for such a large family)
Yeah, yeah. Look, heres Uncle Jack holding me at about 4 months old. He was still a teenager, but I must have impressed him.


Because he ended up having 9 kids.

Great job!
What a very creative way to tell such a complex story...very well written.
For "some reason" I think I related to this story better than all the rest! :) I felt newly engaged and learning about my hubby's family all over again! Ha! I had to think..."Do I have 14 aunts?"