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Your title is fun! “Thef arf so goof"-- I could almost hear the words spoken while the pretzel was being eaten. The transformation between hating, then to loving shopping if great. I enjoyed this very much! We're having a family reunion this summer--but I'm the Aunt… I'll have to make some memories. :)
What a fun story.
Oh! I loved this story! I wish I had an aunt like this! Wow! What a fun trip to the mall, says one who hates shopping, too.
(smile!) It looks like Liz changed her mind. Don't we all wish for an aunt like this?
I love this! The dialog is so natural, and the characterization top-notch. My favorite line was: "Aunt Sam simply reached out and enveloped me in love the kind of love that’s part sister, part mother and all God."
Aunt Sam offered her niece a whole new perspective on herself, her mom, and the world. That's what's great about families: we get a varied view, but hopefully as in your story, a view colored with love. Great dialogue and some memorable quotables.
If anyone were looking for a best friend, they would to look no further than Aunt Sam. You have created a wonderful, caring, wise characer in her. Great job!
Another jewel from your chest! I adore both women in this. You showed us so much in so few words. YEAH, YEAH, I want a pretzel and an Aunt Sam!!!
"Part sister, part mother, all God." Great line, really fun teenaged voice.
What a fun aunt! I really like the relationship the two developed, and the way the experience improved Liz's attitude.
It all depends on the company, doesn't it? This was really good. I especially liked this line: "the kind of love that’s part sister, part mother and all God." Nicely done.
From eccentric to fun... from darkness to sunshine... from boredom to blessing... by the end of the story I not only appreciated Aunt Sam, but I found your MC much more likeable too. Nice work!
What great characters, and I loved the line, "My afternoon melted away to something that vaguely felt like happiness.
That nails a teenaged girl's moodiness.
This was so fun! I loved Aunt Sam and Liz was soooo much a teen. LoL--Great job!! Hugs!
Great story! Love the dialog, and the "first person" is so natural. I like how the ending ties back to the beginning. And it reads so smoothly! You might want to not use so many dashes, but no other red ink. Love it!
This is great! I love the transformation in the niece as she spends the day with Aunt Sam. That made it fun to read.
"Aunt Sam simply reached out and enveloped me in love the kind of love that’s part sister, part mother and all God."

I really liked that line. I think it sums up the aunt in this story very well. I wish I had relatives like this.

Thank you so much for sharing this delightful story. I really enjoyed reading it. :)
Sara... loved this! What a fun article and the HOOK really resonated with me.. cause I HATE shopping also..
You really developed your characters well... loved the ending... BRAVO again... Dianne