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I love whimsy done well with wit. This was a fun read and I have total belief in the event!
I am not a poet not do I have any great interest in poetry, BUT... this was awesome!! I read every word and wanted MORE! It sounds like a ballad that could easily be set to some fun music. Excellent job.
I love your title. Your poetic elements are great. I enjoyed this rodeo romance… with excellent creativity and an all-around fun story. I especially liked this, "for clown boy Roy." :) Great work on this.
This one is cute! You did a good job using rhymes to add to the humor...
I thought some of the rhymes sounded a little forced, since you managed to rhyme the last line in every stanza, which had to be quite a challenge!
Great job - keep up the good work!
Very lovely, Dianne. This really resonated with me, as I have a daughter very much like Roy who was afraid no one would ever see beyond her disability. Just precious!
No red ink from me. I loved this engaging well rhymed entry. LOOOOVED IT!
This was playful but serious...I loved it!
I'm not a poetry person either, but this was a pleasure to read. Great job!
I enjoyed this. The poetry might have been a little forced in spots, but the story itself and the flow was very good.
Love this: "Your sweet soul is drenched in light"

Well written and lovely. You captured the heart of the person who wants to love, but is so afraid of being rejected.
Oh, this is wonderful and great message. Love it!
Awww! So sweet! (The last line was a tad awkward) but the rest of it flowed nicely and was very cute! Especially at the end. I loved the Anna's bandanana's. Very well done! ^_^
Just delightful, Dianne. A fun read with a wonderful message.
Loved the story this poem told. Three cheers for love's victory that sees the heart bathed in light.
Dianne -- Wow! Congrats on your level placing with this! Way to go!!!
Congratulations on your 3rd place. This is very creative.
CONGRATULATIONS, Diane! I knew I would like it as soon as I read:

"Uncle Roy
from Illiniois
met Aunt Anna
from Montana" !!

Poetry can be tricky to write, but you did an excellent job and managed to convey your story and its message very clearly. Well-done! :)

Oh, I admire poets so! this was a delightful read. Congratulations!
What a delightful story! Such a unique poetic form too.
Poetry can be such hard work, finding the right rhyme and pulling the whole story together so it flows well. It takes courage as well as creativity. You demonstrated an abundance of both. I'm not sure that I could break out of traditional poetic form like you did here.
I agree with the above comments, however, that a few rhymes were a bit awkward, but I feel you got away with it due to the general appeal of the story itself. Most readers look for consistency, so I find I have to think laterally when a rhyme doesn't look right. It takes years of experience, playing with words. But this is really good.