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Powerful story. Beautiful picture of our Father God's love in the love of an earthly daddy. Well done.
This is an excellent reminder of the impact a father can have on a child. Great story, well written.
It's difficult living so far from loved ones during crisis situations. :) Your poetry is very well-written and with its own message. (If this is a true story--which is sounds like--how precious that you were able to spend time with your father during his last days.) Your writing of your father and your pencil lesson are beautiful. Your title is perfect for this.
What a wonderful tribute. You show us so much in so few words with this one. Beautifully written.
I lost my son's father to cancer and I know the pain of having to say goodbye before you're ready to do that. This is a poignant and loving story of your father and your sweet memories of him. The littlest things can sometimes bring back the most awesome memories. You shared a beautiful, bittersweet part of your heart with us. God bless you for being transparent in this tribute to your dad. He'd be proud of you!
Oh Holly, who would think such a beautiful lesson could be had in a stub of a pencil? And I loved the poem nestled in this precious entry. Thank you for blessing us with this glimpse into your heart.
I enjoyed your transitions of time. I am thankful for the quality time you had with him. Thank you for sharing the glimpes of a happy family.
I enjoyed the story, the poem, the ending, and the special pencil stub. Thank you so much for opening up your heart and telling this precious story. It must have been tough, but I appreciate you blessing me with this. What a wonderful dad and what a wonderful daughter. :)
Oh, Holly. This must have been TOUGH to write - but I am glad you did. I adore the word picture you created and how poignant this piece is. Wonderful.
What wonderful and precious memories. I love the way you took the pencil and showed its importance. Very beautiful and touching writing!
This is a lovely tribute to your dad, and the final days spent with him. Very well written.
Unbelievable that you could take something so ordinary and ugly and make it into something so lovely and tender. I empathized with the pain of your MC as well as the fondness of her memories.
This gave me goosebumps. What a powerful last line. I loved how you used your title to tie in with that little stub of pencil. That detail brought this whole piece together, beautifully. Excellent job! ^_^
This was well written and very touching. I loved it.
Holly, this was a lovely tribute to your father. I loved your poem about holding your father's hand and equating it to holding Christ's hand and being unafraid.
Very well done!
Holly, you have managed to reach deep into my heart and express what I feel there. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Thank you.