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A beautiful an heart-warming story.

If you are interested in further editing, I would suggest changing the couple of instances of present tense to past, and finding a synonym or two for "wiping," and possibly "tears."

You have done an excellent job of making me feel like I know this father.
I loved especially the second-to-last paragraph. Nice job with dialog too. I felt like I really got to know ALL these characters. Excellent.
This is a nice story; it presents a different view of the ever-present "struggle" children have in gaining their parents approval. Nicely done.
I had a garden like your opening sentence. :) What a beautiful and tender story. The father/daughter relationship that you've created here is very unique. I like seeing the blind father through the eyes of the mother and daughter. I enjoyed reading this very much. Great writing!
Seeing with the heart is so much more wonderful anyway! I like your characters and the tender feelings they share in this story.
Seeing beyond eyes and understanding the heart is more important than seeing the real thing in action because it requires faith, and faith is all that is required to receive the saving grace of God. Thank you for sharing this story. It certainly put things in the right perspective when we have the heart to look deeper. God bless.