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Wow! This sure challenges me to be more ardent in prayer.

Just a suggestion to improve the readability of your piece - extra enters between paragraphs. And I couldn't quite see the relationship to Easter either.

I could picture myself right there with Karen on that early morning walk. Would that God do that for me too! Yet I know that He hears my prayers just the same! Thanks for the encouragement.
I agree with Suzanne, the article will be much moe easy on the eye with clear paragraphs and a line between them.
Strong descriptions. The power of prayer is captured here. Keep up the good work!
Good descriptive writing here.
This is a neat story. It is good to be reminded of the importance of prayer.
A fairly well written story, watch the paragraphing and transitions.
Phew! A challenging piece of writing.
Beautiful! Powerful ! As I read it there was a sense of conviction for my own area. I see corruption but, God forgive me, I have written to the editors to complain, when I should have fallen on my knees. Intercession is the key. Christ sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us, the Holy Spirit takes our prayers and presents them as the mediator, but what of us? Your story spoke powerfully to me of what my part is. Thank you! Reminds me of the books "Piercing the Darkness" and "This Present Darkness".
I really liked this. Very powerful and thought provoking!
Wow! This is beautiful. Your descriptions are wonderful. This was my favorite part --

"Karen felt the tremendous weight of doubt lift from her. She sensed a channel open through the barriers that had hindered her prayers. Her efforts in her own strength would not suffice. Her Lord had defeated the enemy and won victory at the cross. She must depend on His strength to turn back the forces of evil in the city."

So true! In our own strength we can do nothing, but with Him all things are possible.

Great job!

sure would love an experience like that. mine have been more felt than seen. i am realizing that having confidence in the god of prayer comes from looking for and paying attention to the answers where i know the outcome. that builds confidence for the places where i have no knowledge of what has happened. liked your imagery.