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Your dad was a wise man and you were blessed to have him in your life. These lessons are written in a very organized manner. I smiled at your "applied to be a cook she hired meas a waitress." You've tucked a lot of wisdom in these few short paragraphs. Thanks!
I would love to meet your dad--he's sounds so wise.

I love the part about tithing--what a great example your parents were.

And the part about not picking up hitchikers made me chuckle. :)

This is a well written tribute to your father. The format is very good--easy to read.
What I liked most about this was that you didn't just tell us your dad's lessons, but you also provided the commentary, often in a humorous way. Definitely a notch up from lots of the "dad's lessons" entries.
I like the personal story with each lesson, too. Good examples of how your dad taught you the things that are important in life. So good to have a dad like this one!
I liked how you used the list format to remember all the things that you learned from your father. True wisdome with a great story! I liked it. Nice job. ^_^
I REALLY like this, Sharon. The voice is excellent, and the examples just right. Nicely done!