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Loved your title and your first and last line and the yellow dress and everything in between. What a slice of life. Keep up the good words.
This precious story was made all the richer with your excellent descriptions and thoughtful word choices.
She had the perfect Dad. I agree, every girls first date should be her dad. Even though she was supposed to be "Michael", I think they both were perfect for each other. This is a very heartwarmng story.
I loved your descriptions, Michele. You always include wonderful little details that really put me "right there" in the scene. A charming night out with daddy is what all little girls need. Great job!
Awww... I want a Daddy like that! I also loved all the details. I really loved that she chose exactly the same as her dad to eat. So cute!
What a perfect portrait you've painted here, with your words! Such a lovely story and possibly a memory? Well done! :)
Awwwwww, how wonderful! I don't ususally go for "sweet", but this was a marvelous read because you really nailed the POV.
I don't know if this was a true story, but it certainly felt real as I read it.

I love your first and last lines and how they sandwich together this heartwarming story.

I'd someday like to be the kind of dad that is portrayed in this piece.

This left me almost weepy. It is so sweet, and very well written.
Big thumbs up.
Red ink, Michele? You're kidding, right? I think yours is the first entry I have correctly pegged by the rich descriptions, present since you took us all by storm such a short time ago in level one.
I loved this "fluff," just in case you didn't get the point the first time. :-)
You already know you left out that "to," anyway. :-)
This is absolutely adorable and I don't think it's fluff at all. Nothing is more important than the father/daughter relationship to a girl. Your dad had the right idea: give those boys in your future something to live up to! Great story-really enjoyable reading.
Great discriptions, as always. When I cam eto the end, I wondered whre the rest of t eh story went...oh yeah..the next 750 words.
This is fluff? I think you should write it more often-lol. It's great! I really liked it. I especially like the father/daughter twist with the 'date'. I loved the movie with popcorn and cokes, especially the dressing up. Very cute! ^_^
That was great! It captured a wonderful bond between father and daughter. You use such great descriptions and throw in real life elements like a naked barbie doll and a box.
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