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I liked your description of Tom's salvation message, "with passion, heart, love, compassion, and a little fire and brimstone." -- I think those are good elements to any message. Tom's love for his father is quite moving. I love the phone call at the beginning of your story and especially the one at the end. Your story is beautifully written.
This is a great reminder that the Holy Spirit is always working even when we think there is no hope. I enjoyed this story, especially the end.
Ahhh, how reassuring that no one is beyond the reach of God. Wonderful story...I really enjoyed it!
Great story!

One tiny correction: The weeks passed...And from the moment the unsaved father is introduced, there's little doubt how this will end. I'm not sure how to get around that.

Love your ending.
I could feel with the son the genuine yearning for his father's salvation. This is authentic - I know of many cases where a person has prayed for years for the salvation of a loved one, with seemingly no result. Then suddenly the Lord moves. The title and ending as they dovetailed together were really good.
Cheers for a loving son, cheers for a faithful pastor and cheers for a Savior that reaches even the most unreachable heart.

And cheers for a magnificent writer.
Spellbinding. Title tied in at the beginning and the end-great job.
I loved how this ended. It is wonderful to see souls saved and brought into God's Kingdom. It's even more wonderful when those souls are the souls of lost family members.

Thank you for sharing this. Keep on writing. :)
Perfect, perfect ending. This was a good read. Thumbs up.
I can't think of any better gift to a son than to have his father accept the gift of salvation so late in life. Great story and reminder that no one is too old to hear the gospel.
So glad it ended like that. I was really hoping that somehow, something had gotten through. I loved the little things you had in there like when the son was wondering if he'd turned up his hearing aid and surprised when Oscar finally agreed to come. That was good-great job! ^_^
You kept my attention all the way through this story. I especially loved the ending. Well done!