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This story is delightful. I like how Natalie's confidence in her father never wavered, and he did not disappoint her. You deftly illustrated the error of making assumptions, and the maliciousness of gossip.
I enjoyed your description of Mrs. Cromwell with "a hook closure for her lips." Your "thumbs-up" title and sign used by Kristen and her dad was a nice element in this well-thoughtout, well-written story. This is very heart-warming.
This was a beautifully well told story. My only suggestion would be that the title gave too much away. I knew exactly how it would end, before I even began to read. Still, I loved it!
Very well done. I enjoyed the story's perspective and the ending made me smile.
Another winner, I betcha! This is so well done, just like all your work, Mandy, and I can't think of a thing to "red-ink" except to say Congrats and Kudos in bright red!
This was a wonderful story, with several messages here about sacrifice, gossip, priorities, service, etc. Thanks for sharing!
Oh, very good! I thought at first that it was going to be a typical "dad never came to my performances" story, but you shattered every stereotype. Well done!
I felt for your MC and her dad and your portrayal of gossip is so accurate. Lessons here to be learned.
Wonderful, so glad you wrote this.
I love the twist on Dad not coming to her performances and the explaining to her why he was too busy. Very toughing story.
I have no idea why you were dissatisfied with this story. It is wonderful, truly in every aspect of good writing. I loved it.
At first the story felt like it was going to be the same old father-daughter story rehashed, but then you quickly switched gears and surprised me. I loved your ending!

Don't be disappointed with this one, because it is just as good as all of your previous entries. I love your ability to paint pictures for the reader with your vivid descriptions.

Thank you for sharing Mandy. ;)
LOVED the detail of the thumbs up! That was neat. I did NOT like Mrs. Cromwell, I agree, she should have gotten a hook closure a button or some glue. lol. Very good job with making her so vivid. I loved the twist at the end too. Great job. ^_^
What an entertaining read. I'm glad Natalie's father was doing something worthwhile when he didn't come to her performances. I loved the ending. Perfect!