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Superb writing! One feels the depth of emotion under the surface of the words, which are restrained--forcing the reader to think, think, think.
Your story, with the "laughter" at your birth, reminded me of Isaac's birth. I enjoyed this story and the lesson. As I kept reading, your story became Isaac's story with different circumstances and names. I was entranced. Your writing is amazing. There are a few details I need filled in about Kierkegaard.
Since I don't know the Danish story, you have promted me to research. Thanks for the nudge.

One line sticks with me,

"Five of my siblings had died by this time in my life, and the constant melancholy filled my home with the odor of death."

With this I started looking for something sinister.

I learn so much from the FW members and today has been a great day for learning.
Well, as usual, you have got me thinking. I think the writing is excellent-your descriptions are haunting and clear. I'm not as sold on the concept, though, this time. Can't figure out why, but it feels too...contrived? In any case, I always know when I read your entries, that I'm going to be challenged, as well as entertained by the great writing-and that's a GOOD thing. Thinking outside the box is not a problem for you!
Hmm, this is very different! You had some vivid details and descriptions here, along with the last lines. Good job! ^_^