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I really like the varied format of this. Very unique.

My favorite part, as I read with tears in my eyes, is from when she turns 15 until she later realizes that her dad did, indeed, have wisdom to impart. Those few stanzas are a perfect description of life with a teenager.

Very good job with the topic.
Beautiful. The form takes a little adjusting to, but that's part of what makes this more than just "ho-hum."
Oh, lovely, lovely! I love the rhythm and swell of this, the crescendo and climax. So precious, and I suspect that few gals will be able to read this without a lump forming in the throat. *gulp*
Nice job. Very nice. Very different. Good work!
I know nothing about verse so I won't comment there.. but I really enjoyed the unusually way this was written.. very creative and very sweet.
You are blessed to have such wonderful memories tied to your father. Thanks for sharing them in such a lovely way.
Just lovely. Definitely got me choked up - love the repetition. Marvelously done.
Wonderful memories of a relationship all girls should have with their dads. Really beautiful.
I noticed that I could read the bold lines by themselves, and they alone formed their own story, but then I added in the rest of the lines, and it made the story that much more detailed. Very cool format!

I am not a poet, but I appreciate those who can write great poetry, and this is one of those great poems! Thank you so much for sharing. :)
This is so sweet and tender. You've captured the father-daughter relationship wonderfully in this poem, showing the progression of feelings a daughter usually has. I like this a lot.
Three words come to mind reading this, tender, enduring and sweet. As I was reading it, too, it reminded me of something Mark Twain once said of his dad. It went something like this, "when I was 18 I couldn't believe how dumb my father was; and, when I reached 20 I couldn't believe how much he had learned in two short years."
So fresh and telling, there is much here to consider. Thanks for giving this to us.
Leigh, this is precious! It is so bittersweet, and heartfelt at the same time. I loved the imagery you painted with the silly song and especially how you used the lines in bold. That made them stand out and this flowed so very well. ^_^ I'm glad I didn't miss this-it was great!
I loved the varied format of this too. My favorite part was:
When Father’s Day comes each year, I sit by my window wishing Him near.
Sometimes the Child still cries at night but Daddy’s not there to turn on the light

and I wish I could hug His neck.

That part made me cry. It reminded me of how I feel about my own dad.