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Moving testimony. Loved the lesson about duty and how he was a real parent. Thanks for sharing this touching story.
This is a great tribute to your father! And I love the twist in your title, it is so funny, because the story that follows is charming and lovely! Great job! ^_^
Your dad would be very proud of this tribute. Small typo, 'facts of life, didn't close with an apostrophe. It's so hard to keep track of those pesky things!
You kept me engaged the whole time but I REALLY wanted to know what kind of unorthodox things your dad did or said. Maybe I'm one of those vultures for the gory details. :)

Just kidding I know they wouldn't be gory - just very, very interesting.
This is a wonderful tribute to your dear father. I'm so happy to see another side of him! From your book, I saw more of your mother. What a good Christian father to pray with his children! I am so happy, too, that he lived long enough to know you were writing a book of your family. Very good article. Linda
I wish all children could have a father like yours . I do admit your title did not make me expect the touching tribute that followed. I am glad he shared his memories with you early on, and that you have the book you wrote to remember him by.