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I could see a movie being made out of this! It reminds me of summery sort of days with the wizened grandfather and those life lessons that only father or a father twice-over (grandpa) can teach. I loved the letter format and especially the character of Bob as it changed. Great writing! ^_^
What a great school. I like the letter format for this, and the honesty in the feelings expressed.
Joanney, I really like this! I love that it covers two genrations of fathers, and that the dad's letter is so very real--an authentic voice, and a very pleasant read.
In books I normally don't like the insertion of letters, but this one is special. It seemed more like a soul-unveiling conversation and all centered around the family, making it wholly indentifiable for your reader. Your voice was consistent and sincere. I really liked this.
I enjoyed this, Joanney. I love the spirit of reconciliation in the letter.
This preaches to all who have ears. I hope readers listen.
This is such a good read with such a good lesson. I enjoyed it for a number of reasons. Kudos, my friend!
You have outdone yourself. I love the poignant, personal tone and love the letter format, which is one of my favorites.
I can see this being done more in depth, and developed a novel. Thumbs up.
Thanks for the hint or I may have missed this wonderful message of redemption and forgiveness. Keep up the good words.
Joanney, the voice on this is absolutely compelling and wonderful and spot-on. I was intrigued and engrossed throughout. This is a maturer writing than I remember from you. Excellent.
A powerful message that crosses generations, embraces the topic, and leaves the reader thinking. Well done!
Very nice, Joanney! I love this. Very creative format.
I love your letter format (I guess I'm snoopy and enjoy reading folks' letters). This has a rich texture: unfolding story on the surface, while in the depths, the MC's understanding and character development is revealed in his words. My favorite line: "Jayden was only following my example. He treated me with disrespect because he saw me treating you that same way. I’m sorry." Great summation of the core problem. Well written, friend!